The best travel gear for kids

Essential items

Packing is always the worst part of traveling, especially when you’re traveling with kids! We are here to help, on this list you’ll find all the best travel gear for kids. This will make your packing list a breeze. This gear will also make your trip more enjoyable because this stuff is that good.

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Safety for your kids while you are traveling.

Easy to pack car seat for traveling

The best small carseat for kids when you are traveling.

As a parent, safety is always on our minds. The MiFold car seats are a great way to keep your kids safe in the car without dealing with a bulky car seat.

This booster will easily slide right into your carry on so it’s ready to go as soon as you hit the ground.

This one is not for toddlers and or babies. It is not for children that are under 40 pounds and 40 inches.

You can purchase the MiFold for $39.99 from Amazon.

*They have recently released a version for toddlers as well. The new Hi-Fold is available on Amazon for $149. This version is safe for children weighing at least 33 pounds.

The best mosquito protection for kids

Did you know mosquitos are the deadliest animals to humans in the world? They kill an estimated 725,000 people each year! You can read more about this on BBC if you’re curious.

Since we have moved and traveled in South East Asia, I do not take mosquito prevention lightly. I have seen first hand what dengue fever looks like and I have heard many stories of other dangerous mosquito-borne illnesses.

I also do not like to cover my kids in bug spray. So these mozzie stickers are a great alternative. I usually place these on the back of my kids’ shirts, this way they don’t play with them or pull them off.

There are also some cool bracelets now that my kids love to wear. If I know we are going to be outside in the evening, I will actually put a sticker on my kids back and have them wear a bracelet. This seems to keep all the bugs off.

Sun Safety

Three kids on the beach wear rash guards for sun protection. Rash guards make the list of the best travel gear for kids.

As a kid, I distinctly remember a few really bad sunburns because they hurt that bad! Fast forward 20 years and we also now know how bad those sunburns are for your skin long term.

Now as a parent, preparing for the beach can seem like a daunting task. Packing ALL the things and remembering to apply all THE sunscreen.

To simplify this process, we have switched to rash guards for all our kids. This way we don’t have to worry about applying so much sunscreen.

During the summer, you can find rash guards everywhere. But if you happen to travel during the off-season (which I highly recommend) or you want to save yourself a trip to the store; Amazon does have a lot of options as well.

Here are a few great options for boys and girls. I have 2 girls that prefer long sleeves and one girl who prefers short sleeve, each kid is different but Amazon has it all!

The best gear to help kids sleep while traveling.

The more they sleep on the flight, the more you can relax! I have traveled the world with my 3 kids for over eleven years now and I’ve learned one thing for sure. We all need to sleep! After you get the ok from your pediatrician, don’t be afraid to use melatonin. It works great and the more they sleep, the happier everyone is while traveling.

The Best Melatonin

Helping babies sleep on the plane, best gear to help your kids sleep while traveling. Our list of the best travel gear for kids, babies, and toddlers.

When traveling, it is essential that everyone is as well-rested as possible. We have used and trust Zarbee’s melatonin for our kids.

This works great on a long flight, our kids usually sleep between 4-6 hours after taking these on a plane. *Please check with your pediatrician or primary care doctor before.

Gummy version of the best melatonin to help your toddler sleep on the plane.
Gummy melatonin

The melatonin comes in 2 varieties, the one above is gummy and the one below is a chewable grape-flavored tablet.

The best best melatonin to help your kids sleep while traveling.

You can easily purchase both of these from Amazon. Here are the links for the gummy ($12.59 for 50) and the chewable tablet ($9.99 for 50).

**The gummy variety is 1.5mg and the tablet is 1mg. Always check with your pediatrician for the proper dosage.***

Just a heads up, babies under 1 year old can not take melatonin. Luckily, babies are usually better sleepers on planes than toddlers or kids. For more tips on what to do what your baby on a plane, check out our post here.

Inflatable Footrest

These are perfect for the plane and the car. They were a lifesaver when we had our first long haul flight as a family of five.

At the time, our girls were 8 and 5 years old, both of them had these and they slept comfortably for the majority of the 12 hour flight.

Traveling foot rest to help you kids sleep on plane. Our list of the best travel gear for kids, babies, and toddlers.

I like this brand because it has 3 different heights, it comes with a carrying case, and it currently comes with a few freebies!

The easiest way to purchase these is through Amazon. They are regularly $25 but are regularly on sale for $15, click here to get the details.

The only downside is these are bulky if you can’t fit them perfectly back into their bags. Also, it was a little annoying to have to blow them up, and once they were blown up you better ready to use them because they take up all the space you have on a plane.

Feeding on the go

My favorite nursing cover

I have bottle-fed and nursed all of our babies and there are so many gadgets for feeding babies, it’s completely overwhelming. Here are a few of my favorites that made my life easier.

Trust me these are worth throwing in your carry on.

The best nursing cover especially when you are traveling with your baby. Our list of the best travel gear for kids.

The best nursing cover I’ve found (and I’ve tried a lot of them) is this universal one. It just slips over your head and covers your entire back and front.

I love this cover because since it fits like a tube top, it covers everything even when the baby is kicking and screaming.

I used this cover for EVERYTHING! It is lightweight and completely breathable. I used it for a blanket, carseat cover, stroller cover, and even as clothing for the baby when she pooped all over herself.

My favorite formula holder

When you’re traveling, it’s important to travel as light as possible, especially when you’re traveling with a baby. You do not want to pack the entire can of formula in your diaper bag! Pack one of these that holds enough formula for 3 feedings.

My favorite formula holder is by Munchkin and it’s under $4; you can buy these at Target, Walmart, or here on Amazon.

**Pro-tip~ If you need 4 feedings, store one in your bottle and then it is ready to go!

Feeding baby on the go. Formula holders make it easier. Our best list of travel gear.

Favorite bottles and Sippy Cups

My favorite brand for bottles and sippy cups is Dr. Browns. We love these bottles because they take the gas bubbles out while your baby is drinking, which saves on tears!

Our best travel gear and my favorite sippy cup. Why Dr. Brown's bottles and sippy cups are the best.

I have tried countless brands of bottles that make feeding easier and this brand is by far hate best! We also love the sippy cups as your baby grows because it has a flexible straw inside so your baby can drink it while sitting up or laying down.

**Pro-tip~ Always pack a small container of dish soap to wash your bottles while you are traveling, there’s nothing worse than sour milk in a bottle.

You can buy Dr. Brown’s at Target or you can also buy the sippy cups here on Amazon or the bottles on Amazon here.

Wrap up on the best travel gear for kids

My best advice for packing with kids is to think of the essentials and leave the rest. Remember everything you put in your bag you now have to manage for your entire trip. Pack the essentials and skip the rest!

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