Safest Places to Travel After Coronavirus

The world has definitely changed in 2020, we all stopped traveling for a bit. Either by our own choice or by the shutting down of borders and airlines. As we have stayed home and watched the world change, our wanderlust has not changed, and in many cases heightened the desire to travel again. We still want to travel and see the world or even our own country. The question is where will be the safest places to travel after coronavirus?

Man sitting on top of a cliff looking at green mountains in the distance.

No doubt international travel will become more difficult as countries increase restrictions. But it will still be possible. Many jobs and industries rely on people traveling for business or leisure. So we will mention some domestic and international places that will be the safest places to travel to and visit based on how they have handled the coronavirus situation in their community or country.

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When will it be safe to travel again?

As of May 2020, travel is still discouraged around the world but traveling within our own borders in most countries is okay, but this won’t last forever. Countries and states are beginning to open back up. There are 3 agencies that we need to listen to when considering travel again. The US State Department, the CDC, and The WHO (World Health Organization). These three agencies will give us the green light when it’s safe to travel again. The other thing to consider is the country or location where you are heading. Check to see if it is safe to travel or low risk from the coronavirus.

Blue ocean water with a white speed boat passing, beaches are a safe place to travel
Redang, Malaysia

As far as when this is going to happen, that is the million-dollar question. The world’s top scientists, doctors, and governments are all asking the same questions. We will continue to watch for signs and announcements for the green light on when and where we can travel again. Most experts are hopeful that travel will resume for business immediately and for most people by the end of the summer.

This does not mean that travel will be the way it used to be, many changes are happening to make travel safe and transitions into new countries. There are some positives to come out of these changes. Still, each of us will need to take precautions and do our own part to stay safe and avoid contracting the coronavirus. Here are some tips on how to avoid the Coronavirus when traveling.

How to travel safely in the future

Airlines are already working to make air travel safer in the future. Most airlines are eliminating middle seats from their planes so that passengers are farther apart. Air Emirates is the first airline to announce that they will be testing all passengers for Covid-19 before boarding their planes. Other airlines will quickly follow and are already discussing how to test all passengers. Many airlines are requiring masks when traveling. We know they can be uncomfortable but your health and safety are worth it. Here is a more comfortable mask for a longer duration. This is actually great for exercise but will do awesome for a flight.

Emirates airplane and staff wearing masks and face shields for traveling after the coronavirus
Air Emirates is the leader in flying healthy

They began testing passengers through a blood test that has the results in 10 minutes. This is completed through a blood test and each passenger is given a Covid-19 certificate if they are negative. This could be required to be able to get into a country that is not your home country.

This may be a way that we can all start traveling again, countries may require testing to pass through immigration. By airlines offering coronavirus testing, they can give you a certificate by the time you get to your destination to let you know if you are coronavirus free. Many countries are talking about requiring a test before letting you in. This might just be part of the cost of traveling internationally after the coronavirus.

Passengers wearing masks on an airplane to travel safer after the coronavirus
Passengers wearing gloves and masks to protect themselves

As you can see in the picture above, I think all airlines will require their passengers to wear masks during their flights. It’s time to buy a comfortable mask that you can leave on for long periods of time. I love these masks on Amazon because they are comfortable and they have designs that are super cute for girls and boys. Jet Blue was the first US airline to require all passengers to wear a mask.

No matter when the world reopens, we will need to be extra diligent about keeping our hands clean and social distancing. Other airlines internationally have followed to require all passengers to wear masks even at the time of check-in. One thing that you will find with all of these places on this list makes it easy for social distancing yourself. This will be key while traveling in the near future.

It will be very important that we stay safe while we travel and do our part to not spread the coronavirus. Read more about how to not catch the coronavirus while you are traveling here. Please be a good global citizen and do your part in helping to spread this infectious disease.

Purchase Travel Insurance

If you are planning to travel in the near future, you need to purchase travel insurance. This is a must right now. Remember two things when you are purchasing travel insurance.

The travel insurance I recommend is from Travel Guard and it is great travel insurance. It offers medical coverage and it will fully reimburse you if you have to cancel as long as you select Cancel for Any Reason.

Best travel insurance. Safest places to travel after coronavirus

First, you need to make sure your travel insurance will cover “cancellation for any reason.” In case you need to cancel, for any reason. If you purchase just “travel insurance,” it will protect you if the flight is delayed or canceled but there isn’t the flexibility for you to protect yourself as you get with “Cancel for any reason.”

The second thing you need to remember is to make sure medical coverage is available in the area where you will be traveling in case you get sick.

Safest places to travel in the world after the Coronavirus

White sand beach which is one of the safest places to travel to after Coronavirus

New Zealand

New Zealand is the top of my list for the safest places to travel after the coronavirus. This is also one of my top destination choices for 2020. I choose this destination not only because it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but because they handled the virus so well.

New Zealand's prime minister and her response to the Coronavirus
Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

New Zealand went on a strict lockdown for five weeks. This country acted fast and they acted aggressively. Shutting down their borders, testing widely, and putting citizens on lockdown early on. Their strategy seems to have worked. They are one of the first countries in the world to announce that they have eliminated the coronavirus. They are also one of the first that will open back up their borders with proper testing.

What to do in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. New Zealand made the most underrated destination to travel to in 2020 ranking list of Top Destinations. There is an endless adventure available throughout the country. From hiking, bungee jumping, rock sliding, to take a calm boat ride through the sound, there’s so much to do. So what’s are the best things to do in New Zealand?


By far the number one thing to see in New Zealand is Milford Sound. This sound is actually a fjord. This fjord is home to penguins, dolphins, and whales. Take a boat tour to see the animals and the sites. Spend time hiking through the many trails so you can see the fjord from the mountains.

A few other things to not miss while you are in New Zealand are: taking a tour of Hobbiton and Waitomo Caves tour. On this great tour, you can see where the Lord of the Rings was filmed and then visit the glow worm caves. If you prefer the city, check out Auckland or Queenstown. Both cities have so much to do you’ll never want to leave.

Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah is nestled in the mountains just 30 minutes from Salt Lake City and Salt Lake City International Airport. This is a small ski town that offers big city amenities with a hometown feel. Here you will find the home of the Sundance Film Festival, world-class skiing & snowboarding in the winter, and tons of summer activities for all ages.

A statue of a moose wearing a mask showing Park City is one of the safest places to travel after the coronavirus
Even the moose on Main wears a mask

Park City was one of the first cities in the state of Utah to see an outbreak of the coronavirus. But their quick action in a strict lockdown slowed the cases to a standstill as quickly as they started, with only single-digit increases daily in May. Sitting in the Wasatch Mountains it makes it for an easy place to social distance and enjoys a plethora of outdoor activities.

Painting in a tunnel with a view of a white barn and green mountains

What to do in Park City

Park City has some of the greatest skiing in the world. There are 3 major ski resorts that makeup skiing in Park City. Deer Valley is known for luxurious accommodations and making skiing easy on skiers. This resort is exclusively for skiers, no snowboarders are allowed. The other two resorts do allow snowboarders. The resorts are Park City Mountain and Canyons Village. These resorts are also part of the Epic Pass so you can ski all over the world with one pass.

Even though Park City is thought to be a winter destination, it has just as much to offer in the summer. Watch the sunset with a glass of wine and listening to free concerts offered at all the resorts in Park City during the summer. The mountains that surround Park City have awesome mountain biking and hiking trails.

Views of Deer Valley Mountain with green hills and white snow
Deer Valley

You can ride an alpine slide and play at the Olympic Park. Here you can fly down the Olympic ski jump on a tube or try your hand on the bobsled track both in the summer and winter. Go horseback riding through the mountains and zip line through the trees.

Park City makes a great road trip destination if you are headed to Yellowstone or many of Utah’s National parks, such as Zions, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Monument Valley or even the Grand Canyon.

You will either want to rent bikes or bring your own, maybe even pack the kids scooters. There are so many biking trails and paths to explore. My kids loved taking their scooters along the paths and along the beautiful rivers. There are plenty of paved bike paths. You don’t necessarily need a mountain bike to enjoy Park City.

White barn with a green grassy hill surrounding it.

One of our favorite things to do is discovering the history of Park City and some of the old abandoned mines. Before Park City was a bustling ski haven it was once a gold and silver mining town. Many of these old remnants still remain for hiking, but you are not allowed to explore inside the mines just the grounds and stranded buildings.

Park City has many luxurious resorts and hotels. But they are also very expensive. When going to Park City, I’d suggest getting a vacation rental instead of a hotel. You will save tons of money on hotel fees and you can cook in the home so you’ll save on eating out too.


Greece has one of the oldest populations in the world and because of this, we would have expected to see Greece’s deaths extremely high like Italy and Spain. Thankfully this did not happen. Greece was quick to put their country on lockdown, knowing they needed to act quickly to protect its citizens.

The Athenian Acropolis in Greece which is one of the safest places to travel after Coronavirus

Athens closed all its major sites just four days after its first confirmed coronavirus death and two weeks later, the entire country went on lockdown. These quick reactions saved this country from the mass deaths that its neighbors sadly experienced.

This quick reaction also made this country one of the safest places to travel after the coronavirus. Due to its low number in cases and low number in population density, Greece placed itself in the top of the world for tourists to feel safe from the coronavirus.

What to do in Greece

Greece holds some of the most ancient sites in the world. Athens is the most well-known city to visit in Greece. You will find the popular ruins such as the Acropolis of Athens and the Parthenon If you visit Athens, make sure to keep your social distance at the popular sites.

But Greece has so much more to see than just Athens. My personal favorite spot in Greece is the Santorini. This is an island of Greece that has the most spectacular hillside buildings you’ve ever seen. Sit on the hillside and watch the sunset for some epic photos for your Instagram. Another great thing about Santorini is that there are not a ton of people hanging around so it is easy to social distance as you enjoy the beauty of this country.

The Cyclades in Greece, white and blue buildings
Santorini, Greece

If you love ancient history, don’t miss visiting Delphi. In ancient Greece, this was considered the center of the world. Now it is home to the UNESCO site Delphi Stands on Mount Parnassus. The beautiful mountains that surround this site make it something you have to see with your own eyes to really appreciate.


Taiwan amazed the world at how they handled the coronavirus. This small country is an island off the coast of China. In January, John Hopkins Hospital stated that Taiwan was the most at-risk country in the world. They are literally right next door to the beginning of the outbreak and yet have maintained low case numbers from the very start. They’ve had some of the lowest numbers for such a huge population.

Taiwan's President with a solider, both are wearing a mask, Taiwan is one of the safest place to travel after Coronavirus
Taiwan’s President. Photo Credit: BBC

Taiwan has a population of over 24 million people, roughly the same population as Australia. Yet to date they less than 400 coronavirus cases and Australia has over 5,000. Taiwan has first-class medical care with universal health care and progressive public health officials. This benefited their country from the start of the coronavirus.

Taiwan took decisive action quickly and took a multi-pronged approach at stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Testing and re-testing citizens and foreigners have been key to slowing the spread. Taiwan also started producing extra masks in January and now has a surplus of masks that they are donating over 10 million masks to the US and Europe.

Giant Buddha statue at Temple in Taiwan, people walking towards the Buddha

It is clear that Taiwan deserves to be at the top of the list for the safest places to travel after the coronavirus.

What to do in Taiwan

The capital city of Taiwan is Taipei. This city is home to two and a half million people and has lots of great things to see and do. The top thing to do in Taipei is to take a ride to the top of Taipei 101, which is the second tallest building in the world. Try a Tawainese Teahouse, shop at the local night markets, and try local foods. Taipei does not disappoint!

Night sky view of Taipei, Taiwan and the Taipei 101 tower

Since Taiwan has an active volcano, there are some awesome hot springs that you should definitely visit while you are in Taiwan. Beitou Hot Springs is not far out of the city. It is about a 30-minute drive to the Hot Springs but definitely worth a visit.

After you’ve seen the city, head to the beaches. The northern coastline has an awesome lunar-like beach that is a must-see! It is called the Yehliu Geopark. Make sure to go early because the beach does get busy.

The beaches on the southern coast of Taiwan has gorgeous white sand beaches where you can snorkel and swim. You can even go divining off the coast. Be careful of the jellyfish in the water and on the beach.

Road Trip – Quintasentail USA

If you are ready to start traveling and international travel isn’t open yet, it’s the perfect time to take a road trip. Road trips are an awesome way to social distance and see the country. Here are some of the top essentials you will need on any road trip!

When you are taking a long road trip, consider renting a car. Driving your own car puts a lot of wear and tear on your car, the cost of renting a car could very well be worth saving your own car.

Green VW van driving on a country road for a road trip one of the safest ways to travel after Coronavirus

The USA has some of the best road trips in the world. California has some of the most beautiful coastlines and extends from the warm beaches of Southern California to the cooler north where the mist of the ocean keeps the climate cool and comfortable. Stop along and see the Redwood forest or make your way norther to Big Sur.

The east coast of the USA does rival the west coast, especially in the fall. There is nothing like taking a road trip on the east coast in early fall where the air is warm but there is a cool breeze. The leaves are changing to a golden yellow, orange, or red.

Here is a compiled list of the best road trips in the USA to help you pick your favorite.

Fall trees at Bear Mountain State Park New York State
Bear Mountain State Park

While you are road tripping, you can camp along the way. Camping is another great way to social distance and travel. Throw a tent in the back of your car and hit the road. Pack your paddleboard and head for the nearest beach or lake. Here is a camping essentials checklist for your trip.

Camping and road-tripping is the most classic vacation and yet still one of the best! Check out the most scenic campgrounds across America. Seeing the world and sleeping under the stars, it doesn’t get any better!

Road Trips, camping, and vacation rentals might just be 2020’s top vacations. A great way to see a lot of sights across the US is to buy a road trip sightseeing pass. Then you can skip the lines at the biggest sites across America.

Finland, Norway, and Denmark

These countries have responded to the coronavirus quickly and have been able to control the spread and have very low death numbers per capita. All of these countries did an early lockdown of some form to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Buildings in Helsinki Finland at night with snow on top of the buildings

The culture in these countries have helped to slow the spread of the coronavirus, the majority of citizens in these countries supported their government and obeyed rules set up to keep them safe. Thanks to their diligence, these countries have made the list of the safest places to travel after the coronavirus.

What to do in Finland, Norway, and Denmark

When you get to Finland, make sure to go to the Santa Claus Village for a Christmas experience all year round. Helsinki has some amazing sites too. Take a dip in snow sauna or take a half-day tour of the city with these tours. While you’re in Helsinki make sure to see the Suomenlinna, the catherdals, and the Old Market Hall.

Norway is a gorgeous country! You will be on overload trying to take in all the beauty that this country has to offer. Oslo is the largest city in Norway and if you visit during the summer, the best way to see the city is to take a walking tour. Then during the evening and nights, take in the views of the Northern Lights.

Denmark’s largest and most well-known city is Copenhagen. While in Copenhagen don’t miss the Rosenborg Castle and the gardens that surround it. Visit Copenhot to soak in the many spas out on the waters of Copenhagen. Spend a day at Denmark’s most famous amusement park Tivoli Gardens.

Most of these countries make it easy to social distance because they are spread out. However, be careful when you are in the cities and visiting local attractions.


This lush island-state went on one of the strictest lockdowns in all of the United States. Their citizens were willing to cooperate saying they wanted to protect their state. They wore masks, social distanced and stayed home. Their tactics worked well, the state has one of the lowest case counts in all of the United States.

Hawaii Islands

With under 700 coronavirus cases, Hawaii’s methods have proven that we can slow the spread of this disease. Because of their early and strict lowdown, Hawaii is now one of the safest places to travel after the coronavirus. It is ranked as one of the Top Destinations to Travel to in 2020 before the Coronavirus hit.

What to do in Hawaii

Where do I even start on what to do in Hawaii? There are so many things, it’s hard to decide. But for sure you need to start on the island of Oahu. This island is home to Honolulu which is the largest city and has the largest airport in Hawaii.

Oahu, Hawaii. Safest places to travel after coronavirus.

On Oahu, don’t miss a few sites before you head to the next island. Oahu is home to the Dole Plantation, Polynesian Cutlure Center, and Pearl Harbor. Also make sure to take a drive to the North Shore to get away from the city. You will be able to see amazing sea turtles swimming in the bays on the North Shore.

My favorite island is the island of Hawaii, better known as the Big Island. I love this island because you can get away from the tourist feel of Oahu and Maui. It feels like a more real Hawaiian experience. My favorite thing about the Big Island is the diversity. If you stay on the Kona side of the island, it is dry and desert-like. Then take a drive across the valley to the Hilo side where it rains every day and is much more tropical. It’s like 2 vacations in one!

The Big Island, Hawaii. Safest places to travel after coronavirus
Photo Credit:

Maui is next on my list. This beautiful island has some of the best beaches in Hawaii. Maui is also home to the infamous Road To Hana. While on the Road To Hana, you can stop at some of the black sand beaches for a one of a kind beach experience.

The other islands are smaller but just as beautiful. Take at least a week in Hawaii to really enjoy it and relax.

Why vacation rentals are a better choice

Vacation rentals have made their place in the travel world over the last few years. During this time, home owners and property management companies have a learned a lot. When the coronavirus hit, vacation rentals took a huge hit as well.

Vacation Rentals Park City Utah.
Photo credit: iTrip Park City

But they are making their own comeback. When the largest hotel chains in the world released their new cleaning standards, Air Bnb was quick to announce their own new guidelines that all hosts must follow in order to host future guests.

This being said, when you are deciding to book a vacation rental, make sure to read reviews on the home and the host. This will give you a good idea of how clean the home will be. If the home and the host have good reviews, you can trust that the host will uphold Air Bnb’s new cleanly standards and you will be safe.

Other benefits of a private home

When you are staying in a private home, the home owner or property management company has more control over cleaning than a large hotel chain. The home will most likely be cleaned by a local certified cleaner who is following the standards set by Air Bnb. Since vacation rentals are less busy than a hotel, the cleaner has more time to clean the home.

Safest places to travel after coronavirus
Enjoy a private hot tub at a vacation rental

Another large benefit of staying in a vacation rental is that most homes now offer contactless check in. Most vacation homes are now equipped with electronic locks that simply require a code for you to enter. This way you do not have to come in contact with any hotel staff or other guests when arriving at your vacation home.

Less contact with common areas and people. Since most vacation homes are either homes or townhomes, there are generally less areas where you will be in contact with other people. No elevators that you might be trapped in with other people or common door handles to touch. Lots more privacy.

The last reason that staying in a vacation rental will be safer in the future is that you can cook your own meals. One of my favorite things to do when we travel is to eat local foods. But since the coronavirus started, we have not been eating out as much. So now when we are traveling we will still eat local foods but we will cook them ourselves. This way we will less contact with people and control the cleanliness of our food.

On our most recent trip to Park City, we stayed at home with a private hot tub. This is an additional benefit to stay somewhere that offers additional amenities but you are not sharing a common area. Here is where we found the vacation rental with the hot tub.

Wrap up on safest places to travel after the coronavirus

No doubt about it, travel is going to change for a long time after the coronavirus. The world has changed but that doesn’t mean that the change is a bad thing. In fact, there are a lot of positive things that have come from learning more about how we can stay healthier and put cleanliness in front of all our minds.

Safest places to travel after coronavirus

All of the places on this list will quickly rebound from the coronavirus making it safer for you to travel to them sooner. Please remember that no matter where you travel, make sure to social distance. Keep in mind beach vacations and mountain destinations make this easier.

Travel often and travel safe everyone!

Safest places to travel after coronavirus


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