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Our Favorite Family Travel Quotes

Need the motivation to book your next adventure? Do you have wanderlust? Or do you just love a good inspirational quote?

Family travel quotes not only inspired us to book our next trip but they keep our family motivated to see the world one destination at a time.

We have taken some famous and well-known travel quotes and put them into photos of the places that we visited. They inspired us for years and we hope they can do the same for you. We hope they give you the inspiration you need to TRAVEL BOLD.

Please feel free to share these family travel quotes with others and let us know what are some of your favorite travel quotes. Feel free to comment at the bottom of the page. Who knows maybe our next family travel quote will come from you. We would love to give you credit for it on our Instagram page. Check out more of our favorite family travel quotes on Pinterest.

Our Favorite Family Quotes

All you need is the courage to explore Bali Indonesia. Our favorite family travel quotes.

#1 – All you need is the Courage to Explore

Location: Tanah Lot Temple, Bali, Indonesia (Bali Sea)

The gateway entrances around Bali are iconic and seen at the entrance to religious locations. The architecture is a Javanese and Balinese. They are stunningly beautiful.

This gateway leads to the Tanah Lot Temple. This temple sits out on a small rock-island, it’s only about 50 meters off the cliff shore. The temple is the main attraction, but the gateway is just an added bonus. This family picture and quote made the top spot for our favorite family travel quote and picture!

Don't Listen to what they say, Go See Venice Italy, Canals and gondolas

#2 – Don’t Listen to what they say, GO SEE!

Location: Canals of Venice, Venice, Italy

Venice is known for its canals and gondolas. It is also known as the “floating city.” I loved this family travel quote because so many times I’ve heard “you can’t travel now that you have kids” but they are wrong! Travel with your kids, it’s worth it every time. Traveling as a family will always make your family closer and stronger.

With its winding canals, striking architecture, and beautiful bridges, Venice is a popular destination for history buffs, wanderlust travelers, families, and honeymooners. You will be surprised when you travel to Venice at how much it is a family destination.

When we traveled to Venice, we stayed in an Airbnb, on the island of Venice. We not only saved money over the hotels, but we were in a key location.

The best part of Venice is when all the tourists get back on cruise ships or take the train out of the city. And then Venice completely transforms. The locals come out and the canals become peaceful. You can wander the narrow streets without passing another person.

This is the ideal time to take your family out in Venice. The kids can easily run through the streets while you leisurely wander. This is when travel is all worth it, times when we are all truly at peace.

Travel Bold #travelbold favorite travel quote for jetlaggedmama

#3 – Travel Bold

Location: At the National Monument on Dam Square, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Family travel quotes to Amsterdam.

After your long travels to Amsterdam, you will probably arrive at the Central Train Station in Amsterdam and find yourself wandering down the main street which leads to the city. There is a good chance you will end up at Dam Square.

Even though the National Monument is taller and larger, this statue of the lion BOLDLY stood out and it fits perfectly with this quote.

Part of the idea of our #TravelBold hashtag comes from the symbolism of being strong and resilient. Not being afraid to do something that maybe others wouldn’t expect out of you. It’s taking that leap of faith and going for an adventure.

Traveling as a family is not always easy, we know that! Being a parent is hard work at home and not any easier on the road. But listen to this quote and take a leap of faith. Childhood is short, make the most of it!

Maybe I can't stop the downpour, but I will always join you for a walk in the rain. Favorite family travel quote.

#4 – Maybe I can’t stop the downpour, but I will always join you for a walk in the rain.

Location: The Andaman Langkawi, Malaysia (Andaman Sea)

We traveled as a family to Langkawi with thoughts of the beach on all of our minds. I remember the kids were so excited to play as soon as we touched down.

When we arrived at the hotel, our room wasn’t ready yet. The hotel staff was nice and let us enjoy the beach while we waited. But we did not have our swimming suits, so we weren’t able to get in the water yet.

After what seemed like forever, with 3 little kids fully dressed hankering to get in the water, the hotel staff came and told us that the room is now ready. Our entire family ran up to put on our swimming suits, by the time we got changed it had started to rain.

That didn’t stop the older kids from wanting to go back to the beach and get in the water. They ran to the beach faster than I’ve ever seen them move.

Slowly, I followed the family down towards the beach, stopping to grab an umbrella. Taking my time with the baby to keep her out of the rain. I didn’t want our 2-year-old out in the rain but she convinced me with her constant “me go to beach,” two-year-old voice.

She grabbed my hand and we walked out on the beach together. My husband captured this picture of the two of us and this quote fits perfectly. It has quickly become one of my favorite family travel quotes.

I wish travel therapy was covered by my health insurance. Our favorite family travel quotes.

#5 – I wish travel therapy was covered by my health insurance

Location: Carnon Plague, France (Mediterranean Sea)

Since the beginning of our family, we have always put travel as a priority. Before the three kids came along, mortgages, car payments, and the big move to Asia. France became our family’s first experience of living outside of the United States as students. At the time we had our oldest who was just a baby at the time.

The stress of becoming new parents and living outside of our home country was starting to mount and we were feeling it.

We had some friends invite us to the South of France for a long holiday weekend. Even though we were broke, we rented a house together and enjoyed the beach. I look back and think of how therapeutic this weekend out of the city and on the beach with friends really was for our family.

I find such humor in this quote on so many different levels. It quickly became one of my favorite family travel quotes 🙂

Time to Go Travel quote for Batu Cave Kuala Lumpur malaysia

#6 – TIME TO GO!

Location: Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The color steps, the cliffs, the temples, the flowers, the monkeys, the bats! Yes, Batu Cave has all of that and more. This is the first place that I ever touched and fed a monkey from my hand.

Batu Caves guide.

The 272 colorful steps lead you up to the cave’s entrance. Leading you past Lord Murugan. Lord Murugan is the Hindi God of War.

This is also the largest statue of Lord Murugan in the world, standing 140 feet or 42 meters high. The limestone cave entrance is wide and as you walk through you pass a Hindi temple inside and then the cave opens up into a large cavern.

Time to go! It’s time for you to just go see Batu Caves. The next time your family travels to South East Asia, add this to your list of must-sees!

Peace and quiet Buddhist temple in Bangkok Thailand with the sunrise. Favorite family travel quotes.

#7 – Peace and quiet

Location: Wat Arun, Bangkok, Thailand

Peace and quiet, it’s a phrase we don’t say a lot right now with 3 small kids. The morning we traveled to Wat Arun, my husband kicked us out of bed early. It was raining and had rained most of the night in Bangkok.

As we arrived the rains had turned to just a light sprinkle. The colorfully decorated spires that stand majestically over the water. The rain made it quiet and peaceful. The reverence of religious locations also brings me a sense of peace. Peace is something I always seek when I am traveling because day to day life is such chaos.

I enjoy visiting all types of temples, churches, mosques, and cathedrals as I travel. The quietness and stillness is something I need in my life with 3 busy kids.

Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan, locally known as Wat Chaeng, or Wat Arun is a Buddhist temple in Bangkok Yai district of Bangkok. Wat Arun is known as the Temple of the Dawn. It sits on the banks of the Chao Phraya River.

The next time your family travels to Bangkok, stop by and see this Wat. The kids will love climbing on the wat and you will enjoy the views!

You can get a great view of the temple on one of the many boat tours. Also, this shot made for one of our favorite family travel quotes. We have lots of great information on what to do in Bangkok in this post.

Travel Quote. Old ways won't open new doors. Our favorite family quotes.

#8 – Old ways won’t open new doors

Location: Uzes, Southern France

When traveling through Europe you will quickly notice the beauty of the world that existed hundreds of years ago.  Maybe you have done this, if not, picture yourself driving across Europe and you see a small village in the distance on top of a hill. 

You get that excitement to go and check it out after all that is part of travel adventures. As you approach the village the roads become smaller and the buildings become older.  The steel and glass buildings turn to stone, brick, and concrete. You are taken back over 200 years to a time before cars in the blink of an eye.

You find a right place to park and get out ready to explore the small village, made up of only a couple of small streets.  The windows have colorful but muted colored shutters on the outside. Blending into the sun faded stone building. 

As you walk the streets, they are not asphalt or cement, but cobblestone. Pushing a stroller on the road is bumpy, to say the least. This always makes traveling as a family in Europe interesting.

 There is a stillness and calmness to the village.  You pass an old wooden door and it almost calls to you.  As if it has so many things to tell you, a history all it’s own. You long to know what is on the other side, almost like it will lead you to an enchanted forest or transform you into other dimensions.

Doors can lead us to new and exciting places.  They can also keep us safe and comfortable.  There are times in our lives that we need both. The safety and comfort behind a door, and then there is a time to close one door and open another.

But if you never try you will never know what’s on the other side. Sometimes we need a change from our old way to discover the new.  Travel can be your new family adventure, a new job, or just a new family tradition.

Our favorite travel quotes. Small joys
Our Favorite Family Travel Quotes -Quote By: Pearl S. Buck

#9 – “Many People Lose the Small Joys in the Hope for Big Happiness” – Pearl S. Buck

Location: Bangkok, Thailand – Chit Lom

Traveling can be exciting and exhilarating. You’ve been saving for months, you’ve got the calendar circled for the date you leave, you have butterflies in your stomach, there is a slight thrill to it all.

Then you arrive at your destination. The flight was delayed, it took longer than expected to get through immigration, it’s raining and you are stuck in traffic and all you want to do is get to your hotel. Already you are regretting your travel decisions and think maybe I should just take the family home.

When it comes to travel, little things can derail us from everything that we have already personally accomplished. If your ideal trip doesn’t go as expected, you might end up not enjoying your destination. You also might say to yourself was that travel even worth it for my family.

Don’t forget about how hard you worked to get there. This is not just about travel, but it’s also about your family’s lives. For our family, it is not just a part of our life, but travel is about being together.

Setting a goal/destination and working together as a family to get there. I always like to remember one of my favorite times when we were traveling as a family. There we were at the airport sitting and waiting for our flight. Our two-year-old sequel out with excitement as she sees the first airplane!

Nothing can match that excitement and I am reminded of the small joys, that are all part of the journey. My heart is filled for the moment.

Travel Quotes for Families

Travel quotes for families. A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever. - Mary Lou Retton
Tanah Lot Temple Bali, Indonesia

Famous travel quotes form an Olympic Gold Medalist – Mary Lou Retton

“A trophy Carries Dust. Memories Last Forever” – Mary Lou Retton

Travel quotes with family

Family Quote - Grateful for where I'm at, Excited about where I'm going. Family travel quotes

“Grateful for where I’m at. Excited about where I’m going.”

Travel Quotes with Family are the best

My Heart was made to Travel - Travel quotes with family.
Tokyo, Japan

“My Heart was made to Travel”

Travel with husband quote

"In life, it's not where you go, it's who you travel with." Travel quote for husband

One of my favorite travel quotes for traveling together with my husband is; “In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with.”

Wanderlust travel quotes for couples

Wanderlust - A strong desire to travel. Travel quotes for couples

Wanderlust (Wan-der-lust) A strong desire to travel

One of the joys of traveling is sharing it with those you love and care about. I love to travel as a couple or with some of my friends. Travel helps to bring us closer together and create bonding relationships.

Europe Travel Quotes

Wrapping up family travel quotes

I hope you enjoyed our stories and found some inspiration to take your next family vacation! Look below for a few tips on how to afford a family vacation and where to go!

Remember, life is a journey. It’s not always about the destination, it’s about the trip. Travel bold, travel as a family, and collect travel quotes of your own!

Krabi Thailand with kids.


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“Many People Lose the Small Joys in the Hope for Big Happiness” – Pearl S. Buck
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