Flying with a baby and how to book a bassinet

When they start to cry: Here are some things that you can do on the plane if your baby does happen to get into a crying fit. Remember to focus on your child and don’t worry about the other passengers around you.

  • Dig into your bag of toys. Try to engage with your baby. Play, read a story, sing songs with actions.

  • Put your baby cheek to cheek with you and hum a song, this skin to skin helps calm them.

What identification is needed for a child to fly?

TSA requires every adult, 18 years and older, boarding a federally regulated aircraft, even for a domestic flight, will need a Real ID – Compliant license or will need to show an additional ID. Some acceptable IDs for air travel domestically are; passports, Global Entry card or Trusted Travel Card, Drivers License is still valid as long as it is the enhanced driver’s license (EDLs). Here is the full