California Road Trip Itinerary 7 Days

Dreaming of driving along the California coast for days on end? With the windows down and the cool sea breeze coming off the Pacific Ocean? We have the perfect California road trip Itinerary 7 days for you. The Pacific Coast Highway road trip winds along the California coast with endless spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

Take your kids to Phuket Thailand

These animals are amazing! They are giants that are so gentle. It is difficult to grasp their size until you are literally standing at their feet and their giant ears are flapping around you.

There are no words that can explain what it is like to watch your children also experience these gentle giants for themselves. Their whole bodies light up as they reach up and touch the elephant for the first time.

Caring for the elephants is a once in a lifetime experience. You can feed them, bathe them, and take them on a walk through the jungle. You get to interact with them one-on-one and it is breathtaking.