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Learn more about us and why you should travel with your kids.
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Learn more about us. Let’s get real, as parents, parenting is hard! We can all use any help we can find. This is a place where parents can learn from each other’s mistakes and victories with no judgments.

We’re all in this crazy mess called parenthood together. Let’s be honest none of us have a clue what we are doing. So why not take this mess on the road and find real adventure?! Traveling as a family is fun and crazy, but in the end, it’s always worth it.

Why We Started This Blog

We love traveling with our children but we are also just normal parents. We have to budget our pennies and ride in the economy class with everyone else. The mistakes we’ve learned along the way while traveling with our kids over the last ten years have been many but…

We have learned a lot from our mistakes. Help us start a community of parents who can learn from each other.

Travel the globe as a family. Who is Jet Lagged Mama? Learn more about us.

About Us

I am Ashley and along with my husband, we are parents to 3 young daughters (yes 3 girls) and we have traveled across the world with all of them since very young ages, starting when our first child was just 3 months old. We have spanned countless countries and states together as a family.

Travel is a deep-rooted passion in our family and we decided early on in our marriage that we would always look for new opportunities to see the world together.

Where are we now?

Fast forward over a decade of traveling together and my husband’s work offered a position in a different country; we had a huge decision on our hands. Since this was right in line with our passion for seeing the world together we knew this would be an amazing opportunity.

We were faced with the biggest decision of our lives. We were happy and comfortable. So we could stay in our comfortable, very happy, lives surrounded by friends and family; or we could pull ourselves into an adventure beyond comprehension and experience a new life together. This was not an easy choice.

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As a parent, how do you know if you’re making the right choices for your kids? It’s never clear what is best, but we took a giant leap and moved our party of 5 all the way across the world from Salt Lake City, Utah to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We’ll share with you lots of tips!

Who is Jet Lagged Mama? Learn more about us.

Since we are on the opposite side of the world, we have been able to see lots of places I’d never imagined seeing. Join us through our travels and we will recommend the awesome things and discourage the not so awesome.

Stick with us, laugh with us, cry with us. It seems every adventure has a little bit of each emotion and we’re here to help each other along the way. Follow our journeys as a family and we’ll all learn together how to make the next trip epic even with the kids in tow.

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