Flying with a baby and how to book a bassinet

When they start to cry: Here are some things that you can do on the plane if your baby does happen to get into a crying fit. Remember to focus on your child and don’t worry about the other passengers around you.

  • Dig into your bag of toys. Try to engage with your baby. Play, read a story, sing songs with actions.

  • Put your baby cheek to cheek with you and hum a song, this skin to skin helps calm them.

What identification is needed for a child to fly?

TSA requires every adult, 18 years and older, boarding a federally regulated aircraft, even for a domestic flight, will need a Real ID – Compliant license or will need to show an additional ID. Some acceptable IDs for air travel domestically are; passports, Global Entry card or Trusted Travel Card, Drivers License is still valid as long as it is the enhanced driver’s license (EDLs). Here is the full

Why We Travel as a Family

As great as this sounds traveling with kids takes more patience I ever thought I had in me. So you may be saying to yourself, what’s the point? Can’t we make memories together at home?

The point is…building bonds together by stepping out of our comfortable homes and experiencing new things together as a family.

The point is…seeing your children’s eyes light up at something completely unexpected.

The point is…unplugging from life and actually connecting with each other.

The point is…slowing down enough to notice your children again.

The point is...laughing together.

The point is…making time for the moments that make it all worth it.